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The New World Order: Delivered At Your Doorstep

“Until now, the world we’ve known has been a world divided – a world of barbed wire and concrete block, conflict and cold war. Now, we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a New World Order.” – George Bush Sr. March 6, 1991

Very comforting words indeed to the untrained mind. The idea of a new world without any boundaries is very appealing indeed. Globalization was the term coined to represent this merging of international states, bound by common causes such as Trade, Human Resource, Natural Resource and Defence. The United Nations, The European Union, World Trade Organization; all devices working towards precisely that end. The above extract from the infamous speech by the then president of the United States, George Bush Sr., delivered to the Congress has been quoted often by the believers of the New World Order. What is the New World Order, though? One source defines it as “The emergence of a bureaucratic collectivist one-world government”. One government to rule all.  A scary prospect indeed.

The world in its current form consists of an array of different governances. Democracy, Monarchy, Communist state, Parliamentary etc. Each country diverse from another, no country directly dependent on another for its survival. Each country free to exploit its resources in its own way without the interference of another. A balanced system of self dependence where trade between countries is aimed for the benefit of both. Now imagine a situation where all the countries of the world have been united and brought under the rule of a single government. One government that owns all the resources of every country. Every country bound by the laws of this government and all the military forces owned and commanded by it. A united world indeed, but at the cost of independence and basic freedom. Who would head such a government? A powerful and secretive elite with a globalist agenda who have been, since centuries, preparing to rule the world through a totalitarian world government. In popular culture they have been called the Illuminati or the Freemasons. Call them what you like, their agenda remains the same.

How far have they succeeded? Well, farther than most of us would like to think. Think about all the times you have been led to believe that a “United World” would do us all good. A singular world where people from different nations come together and live in harmony. If you have, then thats one step further you have taken towards accepting the New World Order. What you have failed to realize that with such a global society comes the loss of individual identity. Culture, traditions, practices, beliefs all come under a very real threat of annihilation. The entire population branded with serial numbers and codes for identification. Seems very Hollywoodish, doesn’t it?

Who takes the movies seriously anyways? Do you get the point now?

So how is the change taking place? Well, it’s not something that going to happen all of a sudden. It’s a gradual process of deception and a series of carefully thought out tactics. The devices used for this purpose are varied and are often disguised as innocent and necessary. But rest assured each in it’s own capacity is a sick plot to rid us of our identities. A list of some of the more publicized deceptions follows. Detailed descriptions are beyond the scope of this article, so we have provided links for further research.

1. Global Warming:

The idea of man-made global warming came as a shock to the world when it was first proposed. The current climatic variations have all been attributed to activities carried out by man that release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Cyclones, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, all natural events which have occurred since centuries are now being blamed upon climate change made by man. It’s printed in text books and taught to children as the only reason behind the rise in global temperatures. Developing countries were blamed for unsustainable development and caps on carbon emission by industries, carbon tax and carbon credits were proposed. This would severely hinder any industrial progress. Various treaties like the Kyoto Protocol and the UN Climate Summit were created and accepted by major economies. In November 2009, an internet leak of thousands of emails and other documents from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit revealed misconduct within the climate science community and allegations that climate scientists had colluded to withhold scientific information, interfered with the peer-review process to prevent dissenting scientific papers from being published, deleted raw data, or manipulated data to make the case for global warming appear stronger than it is, were made. This came to be known as Climategate. Various documentaries connecting the false notion of man made global warming with global governance have since been made but never been shown by the mass media which continues to spread the idea. Misinformed NGO’s further complicate the process of educating the masses about this elaborate hoax.

Useful links:

2. False Flag Operations:

False flag operations are covert operations which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is, flying the flag of a country other than one’s own. The 9-11 attacks on the United States is one prime example. Numerous documentaries and websites have investigated these attacks and have conclusively concurred that these were well planned attacks carried out not by Al-Qaeda or any other terrorist organisation, but the CIA. The War on Terror was then hatched and the blame was immediately put on Osama Bin Laden, through falsified video tapes in which he takes the blame for the attacks, and hence the war on Afghanistan followed. Then Saddam Hussein was targeted and the war on Iraq was carried out on the pretext of “conclusive evidence” that it possessed weapons of mass destruction, which till date haven’t been found. By attacking these helpless countries, the elite have managed to take control of their governments and so now the rulers of these states function like well rehearsed puppets of their masters up above. How much would you bet upon the fact that Iran is next in line?

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3. The European Union:

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of 27 member states established by the Treaty of Maastricht in 1993. The EU has since adopted a singular currency and established a system of courts, councils and even a parliament. A constitution was also created for all EU members and by virtue of the Lisbon Treaty the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union was elevated to legally binding status. It sums itself up in its “Preface”, which states that it is intended (a) “to bring citizens closer to the European design” (b) “to organise politics” and (c) “to develop […] a model in the new world order“. If this “constitution” is accepted, this de facto tyranny, will be entrenched, and the development of democracy will be stunted, and possibly abandoned permanently, initially, under a pan-continental, and ultimately, under a global, de jure dictatorship. David Noakes, a staunch opposer of the EU, during his research into the fine print of the EU found that the Lisbon Treaty when signed by Britain on 1st January 2009 in fact abolished Britain. The Treaty “takes primacy” over the British Constitution which it thereby abolished, and with it the nations of Britain and England; it gives the EU the power to close the Westminster Parliament. Member countries like Spain, Hungary, Greece are now debt-ridden and under deep recession because of the consequences of the EU. Bailouts of these economies by the IMF will then put these economies further into the clutches of the elitist who will soon take control over them.

Useful Links:

These are just the few major deceptions of our times that are being used against us to ultimately bind us into slavery. Fake Pandemics (Bird Flu, Swine Flu), Vaccinations, False idea of the existence of Aliens, UFO’s, Extensive spying by governments are other tools of the perpetrators of the New World Order.

Miscellaneous Links:

Controlled media plays an undeniably significant role in keeping the general public in the dark. Every major television network is ultimately controlled by the elitists. The news that you watch is what they want you watch. The movies of our times have further helped the cause by portraying anyone who questions established “facts” as Conspiracy Theorists. A very misleading term which immediately brings to mind, a lunatic, mentally depraved individual who has no place in society and whose opinions are laughed at. At the same time it must also be asserted that you should not believe in every theory. Apart from well researched truths there is a lot of misinformation out there too. Many false messiahs who claim to know the “real truth”. Careful investigation into such matters in necessary and you will be able to draw your own conclusions.

Ultimately it’s our actions that will make the difference. It’s time we wake up and resist the evil plan of the elitist to take control of our lives. Spread the word and soon we’ll find ourselves in a revolution to set us free.

In the words of the anti-nwo band Muse:

“They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious”

(Certain facts represented have been well researched and inferred from Wikipedia and other such reliable websites)


Random Rantings: Vol 2

Enough stupidity exists in the world today. Quite a lot actually can be attributed to people with little or no sense of general public behaviour (read: celebrities) and who often make a fool of themselves, not regarding the feelings of people like me who would rather stuff a sock in their ears than hear the crap they come up with. So an extension to the already “hit” Random Rantings Vol 1. looks seemingly imminent and with it a new list of common annoyances that nullify the very purpose of human evolution.

1. People who try to make small talk:

Now, I’m not a very sociable person and there’s a reason for that. Like I said earlier, enough stupidity exists in the world today and I wouldn’t want to dip my feet into it if I can help it. Part of that involves limited interaction with strangers because you never know when someone’s going to say the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard and you’d have to live with it for the rest of your life. Its more serious than you think. So if I’m sitting in a corner minding my own business, the last thing I need is someone trying to make forced conversation with me. Sure I’ll let you know what time is it but I will certainly NOT discuss the weather or politics or any topic that tickles you fancy with you. Nor will I let you interview me because neither am I a celebrity, nor do I share my stuff with strange freaks like you. Thats not harsh, thats just a nice way of saying, Bugger off mate.

2. Sms language when used out of place:

I’m not a fan of sms language. But I have to agree upon the fact that 160 characters are often not enough to express yourself and hence the relevance of the sms “tongue”. But what annoys me is when sms language is used outside the realm of mobile texting. It’s everywhere nowadays; Blogs, Social Networking websites, Forums etc. At this rate it wont be long before we say goodbye to proper spellings and dump the memory of them at the back of the already rusting brain of ours. It’s when the dictionaries start including  sms-words, that you know that the language is doomed and no amount of Spelling Bee tournaments is going to help. Imagine a bunch 6 year olds being taught how to express laughter in the near future by their sms addicted teachers: “Kids repeat after me: L O L Z!”

3. Fake Accents:

For me, what’s analogous to spelling mistakes in writing, is fake accents while speaking. I’m probably not the first person who loathes fake accents, but I felt a necessity to mention it here. The simple argument stands as follows: “If God wanted everyone on Earth to speak the same way, he wouldn’t have created the concept of languages and dialects”. There’s nothing funnier (and more annoying) than watching an Indian attempting to recreate an American accent. To him, an American accent is “Cool” and makes him seem “Intelligent and well educated”. Though I must admit that the sing-song Indian English accent does often make us look stupid. Still that is not an excuse enough to be subjecting people to your abject performance of speech that makes it seem like someone stuffed a lot of mothballs into your mouth and then gave you a proper spanking.

4. Celebs that Tweet:

I cannot count the number of times a day I imagine the world free of stupid celebrities. It would be a boon indeed. Twitter is a new way of torturing the already tortured soul of mine, and thats saying a lot since I hardly even use the service! Blame it on the “News channels” and other media for bringing me all the latest tweets by celebrities and force feeding me the utter nonsensical chaos of their lives. Privacy meant something in the good old days, but today if a celebrity says that he/she needs privacy then that would either mean that they’re up to no good, or they’re in serious need of some media attention and publicity. It seems like someones purposely rubbing my nose into the lives of people that I don’t even care about. When SRK takes a dump or what Karan Johar thinks about homosexuality or what Priyanka Chopra had for lunch, I simply do NOT care. Guys, just do your thing in the movies and move on ’cause you are a bunch of glorified losers to me.

5. Inspired music:

Inspiration is a tricky word and there’s a fine line between it and something called Plagiarism. The concept of Inspired music is an oxymoron. Art when copied isn’t art, and thats why you don’t hear about a painting or a book  which is similar to another. There are probably a million permutations and combinations of notes, chords and melodies, yet if someone tells me that a piece of music has been “inspired” from another, ill have none of it. Its just another way of saying “My lazy ass was too tired and out of ideas, so I copied stuff from a place you’ve never even heard of, and added my own lyrics to it”. Common errants in the Indian film industry include Anu “I like to judge” Malik, Bappi “One hit wonder” Lahiri, Jatin-Lalit, Pritam et al.

6. Semi nude models on billboards:

Keep your eyes on the road, is what you’re taught at driving school. But what do you do if there’s a huge billboard of a semi nude, incredibly hot model staring you in your face, trying to sell god knows what product? Who wouldn’t take a peek, a glance? And thats the reason it’s put there as well, for people to look up, get distracted and probably get hypnotized into buying that product. This is an unnecessary interruption in my driving that I can certainly do without. There are a hundred things I need to look out for while driving on Indian roads. I need to avoid animals, potholes, pedestrians, other vehicles, more potholes, and policemen. Shouldn’t there be some kind of legislation on how hot a model should be put up on billboards for distracting commuters? Maybe a really hot one on a highway, and a behenji type on busy roads for starters! If there can be a law against driving while drinking then there should almost certainly be on on driving while ogling.

The Top 10 Superheroes in Indian Politics

As kids, we would gape into the television sets in sheer awe of these strange and yet, unearthly figures. Terrific superpowers, classy villas up on rooftops and yes, the all very promiscouous WAG’s (read Women and Girlfriends) thronging them by their sides. The superheroes had it made didn’t they – Power, Fame and Immortality!! I wish I had some bottle with a dash of superhero elixir in it.
Notwithstanding thoughts, ideas and passions that may seep through our veins ; didnt you know that we had these superheroes in our  very back yard? Sounds incredulous? For all you doubting toms, they’re a train ride away. Yes, they’re all in New Delhi. The elected representatives of the largest democracy of the world. Yes thats them all right.
Statistics and votes apart, what makes them all mighty are a few very good reasons. Truant as they always are, they shirk away from responsibility despite the countless rules framed. That takes a lot of guts, doesn’t it? They’ve got a posse of security( read police and goons) covering their every step. And they’ve got more followers on Facebook and Twitter than this blog has visits till date!! Definite characteristics of a superhero I might add.
The Passive pundits have finally released a list of 10 Jan-Sevaks who trule deserve to be counted as the heavy-weight superheroes of Indian Polity. The list contains the names of only those elected to the houses of Parliament.
1) Sonia Gandhi –  Don Sonia

She is undoubtedly the prima donna of Indian politics at present. She posses a very unusual garb for a superhero indeed. Her Italian Devanagri or her Devanagri Italian can be confusing- leaving the evil doers at a trance. She would then use her pallu to wallop the felon black and blue.
2) Manmohan Singh – Turbanator
Move over Harbhajan, the true Turbanator is here. Leading the life of an Economist whilst day, he dons the blue turban at night – giving dashes of nyctophobia to  goons who upset world peace. A dedicated side-kick to Don Sonia, he his the ultimate managerial taskmaster, who keeps the insanity in his cabinet at bay.
3) Mamata Banerjee – Lady Trainina
She is said to have risen from the sands of the hinterland. An emancipator of the downtrodden from the injustice of the powers-that be. Her war cry of Ma! Mati! Manush! ( Mother! Land! people!) sends shivers down the spine. A very simple attire really, nothing much to brag about. She abhors useless expenditure and, like Santa Claus, is said to provide trains right upto your doorstep if you’ve been nice.
4) Laloo Prasad Yadav – Two Face
The man who held sway at one time has been finding it tough to keep up with publicity. Once the Lord Trainina at the helm, he his now a part of an alliance, all prepared to wage a war to return to the higher echelons of power. I call him Two-FAce as he was once at power, doing good deeds for the masses, but now fights a bitter war to seek justice.
5) Jairam Ramesh – Captain Planet

Ever since the demise of Captain Planet from Cartoon Network, the world desperately needed a hero-figure to “take pollution down to zero”. No, he doesn’t have five planeteers with five rings each and, and neither does he have Gaia, the earth spirit by his side. This superhero might as well have the most enemies at his opposite end – Other superheroes, industrial supremos, environmental organizations – who swear to his oust. But cool as a cucumber with tufts of hair on opposite ends he simply blurts out – ” The POWER IS YOURS”.
6) Kapil Sibbal –  The Che
Viva LA REVOLUCION, is this superhero’s warcry.  He echoed ‘go!’ right  from the very onset, and charged past all-barriers. His revolutionary work much alludes to that of  the legendary Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevarra. A superhero not through powers, but definitely one in sprirt. A superhero much to be praised for and not to be mocked.
7) L. K. Advani-Safrroclops

His favourite colour is saffron. Lord Rama is his favourite god. He loves riding the ‘Chariot’ and he goes for weekend trips to Ayodhya, being his favourite destination. He bursts out saffron flashes of light whenever he takes off those glasses of his. He’s  a protoge of Atal Behari Vajpayee, aka Professor AB, who is now mostly confined to the chair.
8) Nitin Gadkari- The Incredible Hulk

A few months ago this behemoth well to be honest, cam out of nowhere in Indian politics. I heard the name first, and then exclaimed in ____, this guy  to lead the B-Men ( read BJP). I wondered what profound sense had driven them to conclude thus?? Nevertheless, A hulk in size , shape and definitely width a punch from his wrist would send the opponent whizzing past the Char Dhams in an instant. Despite an awkward sense during public speeches, for which he he has been repreoached repeately by the opposition, the hulk hopes to keep afloat.
9) A. Raja  – Doctor Do Little

This superhero hasn’t  infact been doing much but actually very little and has been the most nascent of all of these superheroes. He is mostly seen in telecom spectra and holds talks with telecom giants. He has doctored up so much for the BSNL employees, that they’re crying at the hands of uncouthly privatization. He has just retired and we are told , leads a quiet life in the hills near Ooty.
10) P. Chidambaram – Rambo

Fighting terrorists has always been his forte. Guerrila Warfare is currently his newest skill. The Naxals have literally put a price on his head. Armed with hundreds of jawans at his side, the man with miniscule brawns storms into the jungles, seeking to flush out rebels from the murky jungle depths. This Tamil Rambo is uncannily fluent in the Queen’s tongue.So, here’s a warning to the Naxals, the countless terrorist orgnizations in Pakistan with the prefix Al, the terrorist front on the North-East and all the insurgent groups within the Indian borders, beware!!