The Emancipation of The Common Man

He is an enigma unto himself. A tower of  light amidst the vast sea of delusion around him. He is no more significant than the average working class man. Yet, he is the embodiment of a generation.

He is not elected by his peers, nor does he crave for positions of authority. He doesn’t propagate messages of freedom or promises of improved life, but he chooses to live the life he wants to. He is content with his simple and ordinary existence. Often, his willpower and strength to resist are tested, but he remains steadfast in his cause. A cause which many people would debunk and term as unfeasible and ambitious. He isn’t swayed by predetermined notions or misleading doctrines of progress. He chooses to progress in his own humble way by improving his quality of life and helping his immediate surroundings in doing the same. The world of glamor that he has become a part of doesn’t appeal to him. His life isn’t dedicated to the pursuit of fame, recognition or wealth. He is a celebrity in his own world.

He has held on to the essential principles of human life, like Equality, Justice and Freedom; while the society around him continues to be fed by corrupt means of misinformation. He is of the religion of peace and humanity, one that the very channels of misinformation have portrayed to be barbaric and merciless. He is criticized and condemned for acts that are neither of his doing nor among the ideals that he lives by. Yet he is proud servant of his faith. The faith that gives meaning to his life and which still guides him not on the path of those who have gone astray. He remains humble and thankful for that and more.

He works for himself. Not to satisfy a third person’s whims and fancies because to him this would be a sin at par with slavery. He respects his work and always strives to derive happiness and personal enrichment from it. He despises competitions and contests for the pursuit of material richness. The only summit that he seeks to conquer is of total emotional satisfaction and harmony. He watches the whirlpool of deceit from a safe distance and wishes never to be sucked into its vicious circle. He is a vociferous campaigner of the ultimate goal of mankind. A goal which a large majority of people have chosen to ignore, and one which cannot be achieved by mass gatherings or public addresses, but only through constant self development and spiritual enhancement. Unlike the elite, whose hunger for power and influence is unfathomable, he has freed himself from the shackles of corporate greed. He does not survive by mocking public intelligence and steers clear from this treason upon mankind.

Yet he doesn’t claim to be a saint, because he knows that no man is without flaws. He takes pride in his ability to overcome these very flaws so that he may be at peace with his existence; because for him this represents the essence of life. He remains unperturbed despite the allegations and derision that come his way, because of his firm belief in his own principles. He makes no show of his achievements and does not parade them, and he is held in high regard in society due to this very fact. In this way he has elevated himself on levels that should ideally matter in life, unlike the empty and blurred standards that millions live by.

He is the wishful personification of the ideal human being in an imperfect society. He is the emancipated common man.


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  2. […] Khan presents The Emancipation of The Common Man posted at The Passive […]


  3. […] Khan presents The Emancipation of The Common Man posted at The Passive […]


  4. […] Khan presents The Emancipation of The Common Man posted at The Passive […]


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