Two guys, who had apparently nothing to do, pondered over one night. Their acumen remained untested for long. Strains of creativity were just waiting to gush forth.  Over a virtual rendezvous, a few cups of coffee and terrible peals of lol’s (internet laughter) the didactic virtues that lay beneath them decided upon preaching the mortal world. Preach! But preach what?

Although their ideas were apparently inane, their courage was never vanquished. After having branded themselves as apparent pundits in the field of, well, to be honest, everything; they wandered off into newer domains – areas that were a lot beyond their control. Whims and fancies reigned supreme. Storms of ideas and creativity blazed through barren lands of boredom. The symphony had reached its crescendo, and lo, at the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world slept – The Passive Pundits gained wings.

A guy named Murphy had once said – “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. For better or for worse, this blog was bound to happen and if this was something wrong according to Murphy, well, then lets just say we’re happy to make this mistake!

The pundits welcome you a rather mysterious and, and well, our creative side as we critique, explore and well talk “About life and everything thats in it”.


The Passive Pundits


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  1. I landed up here by searching your blog Random Rantings: Vol 1, that I received in a fw mail. Now I would like to read all your blogs. 🙂 Thanks for that person you fwded me the mail. 🙂


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