The Seven Essentials To Hitchhiking

The love for the great outdoors drives the sense of adventure to perpetually unfathomable heights. One can gaze as far as the eye can behold, and yet gape at the astounding infinity that lies even further.  And somewhere within this wilderness, lies the path – the path that nudges you ever onward: to places unknown, to places mysterious, to places frenetic.

But, this sense of adventure can very soon come full circle. Have you ever found yourself stranded in this very open wilderness somewhere along this serpentine or sometimes very linear path. A trajectory that shoots you off into the very infinities of well, nothing. Hopelessness, desperation- you name it , it comes down as a very mighty blow knocking the winds out off your sails. But hey, God was never that bad. He did find out a miracle drug of sorts. A drug  that even science failed to ponder upon. All lonely travellers, do pay very careful attention as I introduce before you something very brilliant!

What could this be? Pfizer, Novartis and Ranbaxy may be eavesdropping here. But, like I said, this is no ordinary drug. Its the greatest gift God could have sent to stranded travellers around the world. And behold, i present before you the art of Hitchhiking.

Going to college these days is a very tedious task. Nothing short of a trek to some venerated temple high up in the mountains. A burden passing through a highway, civilization and places devoid of it. But there is always that wonderful soul, always eager to share his empty pillion seat. That welcoming smile across that beaming face works wonders, some Miracle Drug that even U2 could never conjure up!!

So, the question stills lingers, how does one hitch a ride. Well here are seven handy essentials if ever you needed one.

1) The Thumbs Up: If Akshay Kumar can , so can you. Get that thumb up high with your fist closed. The thumb must always point towards the direction of our

destination. I know I really sounds stupid, but, if you cant get this right, you’re doomed for the great walk.

2) The Roadie Quotient: Act all ragged, lost and forlorn. If required, tear off some shreds from your clothing( Sufficient not to reveal unnecessary details).   A rucksack on your back wound immensely assist.Baggy clothes, T-shirts(those from the hippie-era) encourage the ‘roadie’ appeal.

3) The Location: The traveller must understand that he’s never going to get any lifts, if he’s  eagerly waiting for one at the Interstate bus terminus or the curb near Mc’Donalds. The location must be desolate, desolate enough for even God to get the anxiety bites. Serene, yet remote; a car passing by every second hour, devoid of telephonic interferences- that’s how remote it should be.

4) The Predator And The Prey : “Tiger tiger burning bright, Into the forests of the night…”, a poem that I recall from school days defines how the blood thirsty and savage the traveller must become. No, I desist from asking you to transform into some carnivore, but the attitude must be so. Any vehicle is good enough. A ride is a ride none theless. But if one were to opt for the glamour quotient, one would nonetheless stop expensive bikes and SUV’s, giving the mopeds, tractors and other means of transport a miss.

5) Assets And Liabilities: No I’m not referring to tax returns here. You need the right gear to get this art straight. Caps, goggles, a rucksack, good shoes and some money(if the time arrived when you actually had to spend on public transport rather than get a free ride).

6) Nourishment: To add to point 5, one really needs to store essential things in his rucksack for survival. Make sure you’ve got lots of nourishment.It may be hours before you really get a ride.The sweat may flow through those furrowed creases across your forehead. The stomach may start grumbling. Your inner senses may get the better of you. Get some food before its too late.

7) Patience: I thought just one word would be sufficient to summarize this vital ingredient to hitch-hiking.

S0 budding hitchhikers across the world- if ever you doth set foot on that metalled road, make sure you have these essentials in the back of your mind. Because, without them and I do guarantee, you’ll be nowhere and will be singing “Country road, take me home…” all through the night.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anindo Mazumdar on May 3, 2010 at 8:34 am

    Great observation and insight on how to save yourself from getting a few calories burned and save a lot of time which otherwise most of us,and certainly me, would have spend on sleeping!!will definitely pick a few tricks from here and will post soon so as to where i have reached in becoming a “MODEL HITCHHIKER”…!!!:)


    • Yes, these were some of the ways through one were to, as you had said, saved a few calories from being burned. However, a few invaluable tip by you are always welcome here. Do keep reading and post your comments from time to time.


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