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Paa, I want an award

Say Paa and get an award. The trend which the umpteen film awards do pursue, you merely need to portray a role of a character plagued by a irrevocable disease.  Film awards have stooped to descending levels with every passing year. This year’s award ceremony marked yet another nadir its notorious history, when Amitabh Bachchan was awarded with the best film actor of the year.

Gone are the days, when artistes lived on the streets and were desperate to make ends meet.Where work was scarce, and the fees even less attractive. However, the thirst for good cinema never dissipated. Films were people centric, and very appeapilng to the masses. But what appealed foremost, was the protagonist- who held absolute sway. Whether at his mother’s funeral, or chasing nefarious criminals across dusty hilly terrains, or dancing to inspired RD Burman and Laxmikanth-Pyarelal tunes. People were held to the edge of their seats. Films ran in theatres for years at times. That accentuates the necessities in a good character. Even Amitabh Sa’ab was brilliant to these qualities in films namely Sholay and Deewar. But Paa- was a mistake from the very beginning.

The avarice for fame is what keeps these awards alive. The post-ceremonial fame is what these money-mongers crave. A few good names in the winners circle will favour the cause of magazine sales. TRP ratings of certain channels will reach, perhaps unknown zeniths. If a film like Iqbal had won the best film award, the news would have died down within a few days. Mr. Bachchan’s receipt will resound within the media circles for another month or so. Those “enterpreneurs” who choose to promote the same will make a very wise indeed.

Did the roles portrayed by the cast in Anuraag Kashyap’s Gulaal do injustice to the script, or was Naseeruddin Shah left wanting in Firaaq? Even Ranbir Kapoor was no less brilliant in his portrayal of Rocket Singh- a film that unfortunately didn’t “explode”. Crisp, subtle roles portrayed with skillful grace. But  a hexogenerian dancing about scratching his head- come on! If sense defies all logic- then what stopped the jury from awarding the award for best film to Quick Gun Murugan. I thus conclude my analogy.

I take away nothing from the doyen of Bollywood, who in his lifetime of work has perhaps contributed more than any other in his league. But the sheer thought of awarding an honour to a “celebrity” and not to “the cause of acting” is merely quixotic. Such awards are purely vulgar and offensive, and never do champion the true cause of Acting.