Random Rantings: Vol 1

The Passivity of this Pundit is questioned quite frequently; almost everyday infact. I often see things around me and wonder “Why?” and sometimes wonder, “Why god! Why? ” but then I resign and reconcile to those things because I know that the closest I’ll get to changing them is when I try do them my own way and make a fool of myself in the process. But there’s a critical point, a saturation limit, to how much one can ignore stuff  and accept the idiocy around them. One way to let out your frustration is to type it out on a list and publish it on a blog  that less than 0.0001% of the world is going to read. Still that won’t hamper the spirit of this Pundit who’s out to bash every crook who ever took human intelligence for granted. To start with, here’s the first list (among a predictably long series of lists) of things I’ve never come to make peace with:

1. Canned Fruits

The best excuse for healthy food. It’s like someone was watching TV lying on their sofa and thought “Hey, I wonder if I could sell cut up fruits floating in preservatives in an almost impossible to open tin can?” Worse, these things can have a shelf life of about 3 years. Whoever thought eating a fruit that was harvested 3 years ago was “Fine because it was preserved” in my eyes, needs psychological treatment.

2. Non-3.5mm Jacks

As if wires getting tangled around your face wasn’t trouble enough, nowadays you’ve got to deal with the problem of earphones which won’t fit your brand new mobile. Each brand seems to come up with its own kind of unique port into which only exclusive company manufactured earphones will fit. So now you have to run around looking for converters which will help you use your personal earphones, which you spent a fortune on, on your mobile. Excuse me Nokia, Sony Ericsson! Ever heard of universal compatibility?

3.  The Snooze Option

Remember the last time you woke up to the alarm on your mobile only to select the snooze option and go back to sleep again? It’s probably the biggest reason why people are late to work, school (discounting laziness and actual lack of sense of punctuality) Whoever came up with this idea must’ve hated people getting to work on time. Its like telling your body “Don’t worry buddy we’ll be up in 5 more minutes” until you realize that it’s half past noon and your boss is ready to skin you.

4. When the Spell check doesn’t recognize British spellings

This must be the most annoying thing British journalists face everyday with their document processing applications. Imagine typing a spelling which you know is right, only to find that the spell check doesn’t recognize the word. Thats because Americans were too thick skinned to accept the British way of spelling words. You will often find me working on my desk going “Damn you Microsoft Word! I will spell ‘Colour’ as ‘Colour’ and NOT as ‘Color’! You can do what you want!”

5. Paying millions for personalized license plates

This one I just don’t get. As if the hotshot Merc/BMW wasn’t proof enough of them being filthy rich, these boneheads want personalized license plates for their rides. Some go for their birthdays, others go for their “lucky numbers”. Mate, if you get run over by a semi from behind, whats written on your license plate number isn’t gonna help! And neither will your lucky number do you any good. Then there are wise asses who pay millions for numbers like 1234, 7777, and single digit numbers. The only people who benefit from these easy to remember numbers are the cops. You cant run a red light and expect to get away with it when you have “1” written in bold, foolishly hanging there on your license plate! Hell you can’t even flee a murder scene without being noticed. Thats the deal breaker for me right there!

Stay tuned for more. Because who doesn’t want to hear a guy complaining about random stuff? 😉


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