Facebook – Are you there yet?

Facebook came to me as naturally as crying to a toddler. The subtle levels of sophistication coupled with the blue and white backgrounds was indeed very appealing initially- a distant drive away from the masses. A breath of fresh air for the soul. But was it really? The idea was indeed very shortlived.

There were days when my mother whould ask for an residential address and note it meticulously on a notebook- till the last digit digit of the pin-code was in its proper place. In contrast- the other day, I asked for a friend’s facebook account rather than his cell phone number. My friend was in for a rude shock when I asked him if his account was under his own name or under some alias. Had I really stooped to such “LOW” levels of “Societal Norms” to even question whether a facebook account was under an alias?

Facebook has acquired some accepted levels of of sophistication – a fair parallel to the the society than we reside in. A society – that is demarcated along the lines of wealth or education. I prefer to call it the virtual demarcation. Socializing sites be it – Orkut, Hi5 cater moslty to the people, the virtual masses; a user having on an average more profiles than himself. Facebook, too has seen an exodus in recent times. With more people around the world gaining access to the internet, the number of Facebook users has quadrupled in the last 2 years. But the natural drive towards the higher echelons, the very zenith – to be aligned with the “bourgeoisie” of virtual society has never faded. Be it in the real world or the virtual: this inner drive towards alignment has brought about stark changes. Be it the drive to learn the English Language and construct proper sentences or to upload pictures that are more appealing and aesthetic.

Facebook, in a recent report, has had the most number of hits in the US. The figure stood at a staggering 7% of the overall US internet traffic., crossing its nearest rival – Google for the very first time. The radical Zuckerberg may have introduced into society something more than an irritable passtime. For a country like India, the radical has promoted to the betterment of the english language. But for the society – has minted a parallel society. the existing one where the teeming masses try to compete with each other in the real world. Another – the created: where the masses are presented with a platform to realign society sans frontieres.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I do love Facebook for being able to post updates to my life and photos, but I really try and keep the “Old Fashioned” etiquette in play. 🙂


  2. I guess at some level we all want a way to share our stuff with our friends without really having to physically be available, and Facebook does a great job of that. But yeah “Online Etiquettes” go a long way in making a good impression too!


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