The Celebrity, The Sneak, And The Betrayal

What do Elin Woods, Toni Terry and Cheryl Cole have in common, apart from fancy names and burgeoning bank accounts? To put it mildly, each of them were betrayed by their celebrity husbands, in one ingenious way or another.

While Tiger Woods took to affairs with nightclub managers and cocktail waitresses, John Terry revolutionized the meaning of “team work” after his escapades with Vanessa Perroncel, the former girlfriend of Wayne Bridge, his former Chelsea and current England teammate. Ashley Cole, though, was miles ahead of  the game. He allegedly cheated on Cheryl, the Girls Aloud singer, with five women during their marriage! Can you blame the men though? They’ve got the money, they’ve got the looks and what logically follows are bimbos and affairs!

The pundits believe that these women should rake in the media moolah while they can and when the interest dies out demand huge sums as alimony, as the drill generally goes. And people please stop feeling bad for them. Sure they’ve had their “hearts broken” but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already planning their move, if you know what I mean!


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